Promotional Slippers

Bustan Prints proudly presents a diverse and extensive range of high-quality items

  • Material: Rubber | Size: 78 x 160 mm

Packaging Details

Item Size Weight Pcs in Carton Carton Weight Carton Box Size
L 0.465 kg 20 9.3 kg 39x31x35 cm
M 0.450 kg 20 9 kg 36x37x30 cm
S 0.425 kg 20 8.5 kg 33x29x37 cm

Slipper Printing Option

  • Sublimation Printing
  • Depending on stock availability
SKU: 193-BK
Availability: Available on backorder

Bustan Prints proudly presents a diverse and extensive range of high-quality items

Promotional Slippers

Promotional slippers are a unique and contemporary product. Rubber was used to make these slippers. As a result, they are portable and simple to transport. In everyday life, everyone wears slippers, therefore amaze everyone with your advertising slippers. These come in the color black. However, you can personalize them by adding your favorite piece of art or your business’s logo. We provide slippers that can be personalized. Customization is possible with the exquisite printing option. Printing with sublimation is clean and durable. Printing the name of your business or your company’s monogram is a chic and fantastic idea. Not only will it make these wearable, but will also show off your contemporary and imaginative side to everyone.

These slippers make fantastic presents for all people. Customizable and sufficient to spread the word about your company in your network. Therefore, if you want to promote your brand in a trendy and affordable manner, these slippers are the ideal item for you. And a decent and contemporary gift idea for your friends and family.

  • Created from rubber.
  • Warm and plush.
  • Promotional product
  • Personalized with exquisite printing.
  • A wonderful present piece.
  • Suitable present for advertising purposes.
  • Innovative and fashionable appearance.

Printing Options

  • Sublimation Printing
  • Depending on stock availability
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Promotional Slippers